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Welcome to the home of the event entertainers.

Blackthorn Arts was first established as the theatre and arts company back in 1996. Since those early days we have continued to design projects for our corporate, community, charity, public and the private sector clients combining theatre and arts with event entertainment.  

Supported by a strong team of industry professionals and creative suppliers, our business offers a wide range of choice. From entertainment to compliment retail promotional and marketing events to our new “Wish you were here” cultural event tours. We are here to celebrate the best of what Ireland has to offer.  

And for those special family party celebrations, we cater to our youngest market with parties, events and workshops from “Mr Podzo Events”. For the festival goer, we offer street theatre comedy act entertainment in the guise of “Double Trouble Comedy Capers” and with one of our latest projects, “T-n-A Creative” we provide incentive and team building events using theatre and arts. 

At Blackthorn Arts you will find that all of our projects, shows, concepts and acts offer the expertise and talent to meet the ever changing tastes and interests of clients when it comes to realising the perfect event. We hope you will agree!

To find out more or to discuss creating your next entertainment event with Blackthorn Arts please email us today. 

Thank you for your visit.

Stephen Holland | Creative Director | Blackthorn Arts