Event Tours Dublin

wish you were here

Wish you were here! Love from Dublin is the latest city and county tour from Blackthorn Arts. Our guide led tours offer bespoke themes from solo sauntering to team building treasure hunts and challenges. All themes are designed in close consultation with our clients and are designed to meet your itinerary.

Our tours will take you on a magical journey around some of Dublin’s famous historical sights and attractions as well as revealing some of the cities off the beaten track hidden gems! Tours allow you to explore Dublin at a pace that suits you and are led by professional guides. All programs are designed in advance, from those wishing to explore the cities rich social scene to visitors wishing to explore the cities cultural sights and hidden attractions!

We have the perfect tour solution for you and your guests whether your planning a walking tour or seeking something a little different. Contact us to hear what programs we have to offer and plan your next visit with us. We have the perfect tour to suit your trip to Dublin!